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Kalimantan is the name of the territory of Indonesia on the island of Borneo. The northern part of the island of Borneo is directly adjacent to Malaysia (Sarawak) and Brunei Darussalam. The central part of the island is a hill and mountains area with an inactive status. While the coastal area is lowland, rich and covered with peat soil.

Climate Forecast

The island is covered by dense tropical rain forest. On the other hand, the island is traversed by the equator which makes it have a tropical climate with hot weather, especially in the city of Pontianak. Prepare clothes with material that absorbs sweat, raincoat to deal with high rainfall, & mosquito repellent lotion.

Flight Information

Borneo has approximately 22 airports, both domestic and international, spread across various regions. The airport that is our destination is Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport, located in Balikpapan City. This airport is the closest airport to one of your tour highlights, the Samboja Lestari conservation.

Getting Around

Your trip on Borneo will be taken using several modes of transportation. Transfer in & Transfer out from/to the airport & travel in the city using a conventional car. On the other day, tour to the forest by a jeep. In addition, you will feel a trip along the river using a boat and even overnight in it!

Estimated Holiday Budget

To be able to explore Borneo you have to prepare more budgets. This condition is related to the level of regional development, area, and the distance that is quite far between one tourist highlight with other tourist highlights. Various area conditions also require you to use different modes of transportation.

Best Tourist Spots

Borneo is identical to its natural tourism. Just call Bangkirai Hills, you can pass the Canopy Bridge and enjoy the jugle walk. After that you will go along the Mahakam river using a private boat to get to Muara Mantai, the journey will continue to use motorize canoe to get to Muara Muntai Market.

Where is


Borneo or Kalimantan is one of the islands in Indonesia which is located in the north of Java Island and west of Sulawesi Island. The island is one and is directly adjacent to Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam in the north side. Administratively, Borneo is divided into 5 provinces.

Visa Information

Since March 2016, as many as 169 countries receiving VISA-free visits are given a stay permit for 30 days and cannot be extended. To get VISA free, make sure you have a valid passport at least 6 months after the date of arrival. In addition, you must have a roundtrip ticket and hotel booking confirmation.

In this city there are choices of places to stay that are adjusted to the tour route you want. City hotels in various regions can be an option for transit when you come or on your way home. While on your journey along nature, you can feel overnight in a private boat. Try staying at Samboja Lodge!

Hotel Information

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Explore the untouched nature and wealth of culture

in one of the world's largest rainforest

Explore Mahakam

A fusion of adventure and cultural immersion, this holiday package features a canopy walk at Bangkirai Hill, visit to local markets, museum and cemetery and a river canoe journey towards a local village where guests will be welcomed with a traditional Dayak dance and a night's stay at a traditional long house.

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Mahakam Holiday with Orangutan and Dayak Experience

An all-round Borneo experience featuring immersion into Borneo's adventure, culture and nature highlights. Experience several sleeps in a boathouse while cruising down a river, the day-to-day life in Borneo at a local village, a traditional Dayak welcome ceremony and a stay at an orangutan rehabilitation centre.

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Orangutan Wildlife Experience

Immerse yourself into the luscious Borneo rainforest, one of the largest in the world. Connect with nature through walks and treks through the jungle and be amongst some of the exotic flora and fauna of South East Asia such as the orangutan, sun bear and Pitcher Plants. Experience a river canoe ride and catch a sight of the infamous long-nosed proboscis monkey.

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