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Yogyakarta is a city where traditional and modern merge into one. On one side there are many city hotels and other high buildings, but on the other side you can feel the magnificent atmosphere of the ancient buildings by visiting Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. The combination between modern and history blends perfectly well and allows tourists to enjoy both.

Climate Forecast

Being in a region with a tropical climate makes Yogyakarta have a blazing sunshine. Prepare yourself to deal with hot weather with high humidity during the day. Wear clothes that are comfortable and absorb sweat, make sure you wear footwear that has good air circulation. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Flight Information

There is 1 international airport named Adisutjipto International Airport. International flights that land at this airport are flights from Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. For other international flights, you can transit in Bali or Jakarta. For domestic flights, the airport serves flights to various regions in Indonesia.

Getting Around

Driving throughout the city by taxi or private car is still the best as public transportation is not widely accessible, though it is improving from year to year. You'll see lots of cars and motorcycle on the road, but you can find traditional vehicles like horse carts and pedicap around Malioboro area.

Estimated Holiday Budget

We provide various vacation options such as General, Leisure, Adventure, and Culture. After that you can check the holiday planner column so we can see how you want and your preferences. We will help you create a holiday according to your style and comfort and of course, according to your budget.

Best Tourist Spots

Malioboro is still one of the favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Enjoy charcoal coffee then walk along Malioboro street which is full of buying and selling activities and street music, after that we will take you to taste Gudeg - traditional Yogyakarta food with unique sweet flavors.

Where is


Yogyakarta is one of the cities in the Republic of Indonesia. It is part of the Java Island located in the south area. Yogyakarta is directly adjacent to Central Java and the Indian Ocean.

Visa Information

Since March 2016, as many as 169 countries receiving VISA-free visits are given a stay permit for 30 days and cannot be extended. To get VISA free, make sure you have a valid passport at least 6 months after the date of arrival. In addition, you must have a roundtrip ticket and hotel booking confirmation.

In Yogyakarta, you have many choices to stay. Some categories that can be adjusted to your preferences are City Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Heritage Hotels and Guest Houses. The location of the place to stay is spread in various areas in Yogyakarta so that it can be adjusted to your needs and comfort.

Hotel Information

Enjoying Modern and Historical Scenes at Once

In the City Full of History and Culture

Java Overland 9 Days 8 Nights

Java and Bali presents a variety of amazing cultural tourist destinations. In Java, precisely in Yogyakarta Temples, Sultan Palace, Tamansari and Malioboro are certainly the main destinations. After that, you will go to the eastern part of Java & Bali which presents an adventure and cultural destination.

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Adventure5 Days

Rafting Elo River

Feel one of the water attractions that is quite tense in Magelang, rafting on the Elo river. Rafting on the Elo river has several levels of difficulty that you can adjust to your experience. For beginners, middle class and pro classes. Each ship is equipped with safety and guides who will accompany your trip.

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Short Trip1 Day

Jogjakarta Night Life Experience

This evening you’ll enjoy an authentic local experience at Jogjakarta with angkringan style' foods. This is a street stalls where you get to enjoy your coffee or food while sitting down on the carpet laid out under the tent along the street. It's an experience you shall not forget.The highlights of this streets food is Kopi jos (charcoal coffee).

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Leisure1 Day

Yogyakarta Shopping Spree

Yogyakarta is a city full of a mixture of art, culture and harmonious modernity. In this tour you will be invited to see the beauty of Javanese culture in Yogyakarta through a visit to a historic place. On the other hand you can visit some shopping paradises which is also part of the culture itself.

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Short Trip4 Days

Temple Tours at Jogja & Solo

Explore the two most icon cities in Java: Jogja & Solo. The two cities are a huge attraction to both foreigner and local tourists. The cities provide centuries-old cultural tradition and heritage that you still can experience by yourself. From dance to temples, from castles to clothing. All in one holiday trip of the best of Java.

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Culture4 Days


Kota Yogyakarta memiliki berbagai destinasi wisata yang menarik dengan tajuk destinasi sejarah, budaya, petualangan, maupun alam. Maisng-masing memiliki nilai tersendiri yang akan memberikan momen tidak terlupakan dalam liburan anda. Seperti pada program tur ini yang menggabungkan petualangan, alam, dan budaya kekinian yang sayang jika dilewatkan.

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Short Trip3 Days

Majestic Temples Tour

Got a full day and don't know how to spend it in Jogja? Check our adventurous or relaxing full day tour that make you experience the best of Yogyakarta. We guarantee that you will bring unforgettable memories to home with our tour. Our full day tour is all inclusive, so don't worry about food, tickets and transportations. We ensure that you just need to sit back and enjoy!

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Short Trip1 Day

A Journey to the Biggest Buddhist Temple in the World

Wide range of selections for Half Day Tour in Jogja! This is the best option for those who don't have a lot of time or simply want to try new destinations at ease. We provide end to end service for your Half Day Tour in Jogja. Just sit back and relax, we manage everything for you. Choose the your best half day tour destinations here and we will do the rest for you.

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Short Trip1 Day

Trekking at Suroloyo

Relax and enjoy the fresh, breathtaking and spectacular scenery from the top of Suroloyo overlooking the cone of Mount Merapi at the distance. Trekking down the hill, pass through villages’ pathways. Feel the distinctive atmosphere. See closer the real inhabitants’ life such as; local planting fields, cow stables, and all simplicity.

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Short Trip1 Day

Merapi Lava Tour and Sunset at Candi Ijo

Mount Merapi is an active volcano in Yogyakarta. Aside from climbing, another way to enjoy its beauty is to drive off-road jeeps around several areas on Mount Merapi. After that you will enjoy temples tour, visit the unique Breksi Cliff, admiring beautiful sunset at Ijo Temple and watch Ramayana Ballet performance

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Short Trip1 Day
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