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One of Indonesia's hidden gem as the region is barely known to the global tourists. Nonetheless, Banyuwangi is a fast growing city and loved by domestic tourists for its beautiful landscape and vibrant city life. As a holiday destination, Banyuwangi offers you A to Z package that you can customise to your own liking. From beaches to active mountain's crater, it has them all.

Climate Forecast

Banyuwangi city is close to the beach area. Therefore, the air temperature in the city of Banyuwangi tends to be warm. Unlike the Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen regions as one of the highlights in the city. The air temperature in Bromo ranges from 3-20 ┬░ C, and can reach 0 ┬░ C during the dry season.

Flight Information

Banyuwangi has one airport, Banyuwangi Airport. The airport is located in Blimbingsari Village. If you want to visit Banyuwangi by airplane, you must first transit in Jakarta or Surabaya. Because until now, the Banyuwangi Airport has only served two return routes, Jakarta-Banyuwangi and Surabaya-Banyuwangi.

Getting Around

We recommend that you use a car and driver. The journey from Banyuwangi to tourist destinations such as Mount Bromo and Ijen is quite far. If you have arrived at Mount Bromo, you can enjoy the sunrise and ride a horse and jeep. While in Ijen, you can enjoy the scenery while driving using a jeep.

Estimated Holiday Budget

If you plan to visit the highlights of Banyuwangi tourism, it's good for you to prepare extra cash. In Tabuhan for example, you need a boat and snorkeling equipment. On Mount Bromo you need a jeep or horse to get around, as well as in Ijen. However, in terms of accommodation and food, they are fairly priced cheap.

Best Tourist Spots

Ijen Crater and Plengkung Beach are the top holiday destinations in Banyuwangi. Ijen Crater is an active crater that attracts travelers across the globe to see its mesmerising blue crater. Plengkung Beach is popular for its surfing camp and its attractive waves from the Indian Ocean. Also Bali is just 30 minutes away!

Where is

East Java

Banyuwangi is a city located on the east end of Java Island. On the coast of Banyuwangi Regency, there is the main connecting port between the island of Java and the island of Bali, the Ketapang Port.

Visa Information

Since March 2016, as many as 169 countries receiving VISA-free visits are given a stay permit for 30 days and cannot be extended. To get VISA free, make sure you have a valid passport at least 6 months after the date of arrival. In addition, you must have a round trip ticket and hotel booking confirmation.

Hotels in Banyuwangi are quite diverse, although not as varied as in Yogyakarta and Bali. You should be able to find hotels that match with your preferences as the tourism industry has grown exponentially in Banyuwangi. However, luxurious global hotel chains like JW Marriott Hotels & Sheraton Hotels.

Hotel Information

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