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Bali captivates you not only with its beautiful blue beaches but also with touch of culture in every corner. The culture and beliefs that are instilled from generation to generation feel so strong through the rituals that are carried out every day that you might see on your journey. Balinese culture and foreign cultures that are side by side in harmony make it even more unique.
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Perayaan tahunan ini jatuh saat purnama di bulan Mei. Anda bisa merasakan suasana magis dengan menyaksikan umat Buddha dari segala penjuru berkumpul menjadi satu untuk merayakan peristiwa Sang Buddha Gautama. Ribuan lampion yang diterbangkan akan menghiasi langit malam Candi Borobudur dan nampak seperti kumpulan rasi bintang.
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Make Your Own Batik Clothes - World's Heritage

Want to discover more of Indonesia's heritage? Take a short course on batik making, known as one of Indonesia's national treasures and included in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Along with practicing your drawing and art skills, you will also learn about the deep Javanese philosophy behind some of the more common batik patterns.
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