15 Must Visit and Dos in Yogyakarta as A Traveler

March 4, 2019

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Yogyakarta, then you are going to have a nice one. Yogyakarta has many kind of attractions that we believe will your holiday unforgettable. If you curious what kind of holiday Yogyakarta can offer, we compile a list of 15 best attractions you can find in Yogyakarta.

Get to Know More about Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta or also known as Jogja is a special region located in the central of Java Island. It’s located between Central Java Province and Indian Ocean on its south. This region still lead by its long-running Sultan as their governor, which makes it bear the name as special region.

Yogyakarta is a well-known tourist spot, it’s famous both internationally and domestically. It has both amazing nature and a rich and well-maintained culture and traditions. It also known as one of Indonesia’s student city, which make it a center of education and art as well.

I you are wondering what are the holiday Yogyakarta has to offer specifically, below we listed some of our best 15 place you have to visit.

Top 15 Must Visit Spot for Holiday Yogyakarta

1. Borobudur Temple

First on this must-visit list of spot for holiday Yogyakarta has to offer is the amazing Borobudur Temple. Located up north in Magelang which is the border between Yogyakarta and Central Java. This site offer you a magical heritage that built around 8th or 9th century by Buddhist Cailendra Dynasty.

2. Prambanan Temple

Another temple that is perfect spot for holiday Yogyakarta has is Prambanan Temple. This temple located in a Prambanan region and also known as The Roro Jonggrang Temple. This Temple is also the biggest Hinduism heritage that built around 9th century.

3. Ramayana Ballet

If you are in Prambanan, don’t forget to watch this special performance of Ramayana story that usually performed in there. The play tells the love story of King Rama and his lover Princess Shinta based on the most iconic ancient Hindu story.

4. Goa Jomblang

On the southern part we have a region that known as Gunung Kidul, which the home of some best spot for holiday Yogyakarta can give you. One of the recommended spot form here is Goa Jomblang (literally means Jomblang Cave). If you enjoy a cave adventure, this this place is a paradise for you. They have a beautiful spot 60 meters over from the edge of the cliff.

5. Hiking the Merapi Volcano

This is one of the most famous volcano in Indonesia and it’s still active. Even so, this volcano still the favorite hiking spot for mountain’s lover from around the world. The most popular attraction is to hike then stay for the night so you can watch the sun rise in early morning.

6. Merapi Museum and Lava Tour

If you wanting to know more about Merapi Volcano and its long backstory, you have to visit this spot. You can witness the village once destroyed by Merapi explosion and all damage it left. You can rent a Jeep that will take you to this spot.

7. Kalibiru National Park

If you are looking for a place to visit with a lot of beautiful and photogenic spot, Kalibiru National Park. This park is known as an instagram-friendly place where surely will make your instagram’s feed interesting. This spot also offer some outdoor activities for those who enjoy nature and challenge.

8. The Kraton Royal Palace

As we mentioned above, Yogyakarta still ruled by their Sultan. It is a place where the Yogyakarta’s royal family live. It’s perfect for those who want to get immersed in Javanese culture that have been around since centuries ago. The Kraton also provides some scheduled performances that will help you fall in love with Javanese culture more.

9. Attend a Craft Making Course

If you are in Kraton area and have a lot of interest in Batik, then you have to try some Batik making course there. Another option is silver (jewellery) making you can attend in Kota Gede or pottery making course in Kasongan.

10. Malioboro

Another famous spot is Malioboro Street, this spot is a must for everyone who visited Yogyakarta. This street is the central shopping area where you can buy all the crafts, batik, souvenirs, traditional food, and almost anything you want. There are literally can find everything you want to buy from Yogyakarta here. So no wonder this spot is a must visit spot for holiday Yogyakarta has.

11. Gunung Kidul’s Beaches

Another great spots from Gunung Kidul are the beaches. There are a lot of beach in this area that ready to give you a stunning and breathtaking views. All those beaches are directly connected to Indian Ocean and also not very crowded, this will give you a peaceful and exotic escapism.

12. Parangtritis Beach

If you looking for a beach closer to the city, then you have to visit Parangtritis Beach. This Beach located in Bantul Regency, just 25 KM outside the city. It has the best photogenic scenery, swimming place, sand-boarding, as well as paragliding on certain times of the year.

13. The Museums

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Yogyakarta is also a home for a lot of museums, thanks to its long history and appreciation for art and culture. There are a lot of museum for holiday Yogyakarta has offered you to choose based on your preferences. Some of them which we recommend are Museum Tembi, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Museum Affandi, and Museum Batik Yogyakarta.

14. Alun-Alun Selatan

If you are looking for an evening spot to hang out, you can try visit Alun-Alun Selatan. In this place you will find more locals than international tourist, which is goo if you are want to enjoy Yogyakarta like the locals do.

15. The Hotels

As its reputation as tourism spot, cultural paradise, and center of art development, You may find a lot of unique hotels for holiday Yogyakarta has provide you with. Whether you want a high-class hotels to the affordable traditional ones, you can find them all in Yogyakarta.

That is all of our recommendation of best spot for holiday Yogyakarta has to offer. All of them are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. So are you ready to visit all of them?