5 Bali Hiking Trails You Need To Visit In 2019

April 30, 2019

For those who don't have any plan yet to go on vacation for the rest of 2019, it's a good idea to choose Bali as your destination. You don't have to spend your vacation on the beach, instead you can enjoy a different way with hiking in 2019.

Hiking is one of the best sports activities especially for nature lovers. For those who like hiking the mountain, nothing will stop you to try any mountains in Indonesia.

Before you choose which mountain you plan to visit, you better to know the information of them. Here some of the best recommendations.

The Best Five of Mountain In Bali You Must Be Visited

Hiking in Bali has its own challenges and varies from one to another. The trails are also varied and not only can explore by the experienced ones but also for the beginner ones. Here some information about the best five mountains in Bali to hike, let’s check it out.

1. Mount Agung

Who doesn't know Mount Agung? Mount Agung is the highest and most famous mountain in Bali with an altitude of 3,031. It is included as a volcano and still active until today.

For those of you who love nature, hike this mountain is a must if you visit Bali. There are 3 hiking trails to get to the top of this mountain. You can start from the south (sub-district of Karangasem district), southeast (from Budakeling), and from the southwest (from Pura Besakih). The latter is the most commonly used for hiking trail.

When you have reached the top of Mount Agung, you will satisfy by the sights of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Nusa Penida and all the beaches around it.

2. Mount Batukaru

Mount Batukaru has an altitude of 2,276 masl. As a conservation area, it is covered by green dense forests around it. Both animals and vegetations in those forests are protected from anyone who want to damage or ruin them.

Mount Batukaru is equally beautiful as others in this list. You will be treated by green scenery around the mountain. There are 3 famous paths to reach its peak, from Jatiluwih Village, Batukaru Temple, and Pujungan Village.

3. Mount Abang

Mount Abang is facing exactly to the direction of Mount Batur and stand at altitude of 2,151 masl. It is the third highest mountain in Bali and the hiking trail can be reached through Suter Village or Songan.

In the middle of the journey, you will find many temples with ancient Balinese architectures. This is because there is still a place of an indigenous tribe in Bali, the Bali Aga tribe that lives around this mountain area.

4. Gunung Catur / Puncak Mangu

Mount Catur  also known as Mangu Peak. The altitude of this mountain reaches 2,096 masl. The time needed to the get into the top can take about 2.5 hours.

When you have reach the top, you will be able to see all of the mountains in Bali. It is because this mountain is in the midpoint of all mountain circum in Bali Island. You will also meet two beautiful lakes, namely Buyan Lake and Beratan Lake.

Bedugul and Petang are the optional trails you can choose to get to the top.

5. Mount Batur

Located at an altitude of 1,717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur along with Batur Lake is in the first global geo-park areas in Indonesia that recognized by UNESCO. It is very suitable and safe for beginner hikers.

mount batur hiking

You can start climbing around 4 o'clock in the morning to see the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. There are 6 hiking trails that can be reached from the village at the hillside, but only two of them known as the most desirable routes; they are from Jati Temple and Toya Bungkah. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach the top.

Those five mountains above are very interesting and have their own beauty as hiking trail. Even if you want to see the sunset or sunrise, it has different feel than watch it from the beach. So what are you waiting for? Decide now and take your day off to get hiking to Bali!

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