5 Must-Experience for Your First Trip in Yogyakarta

April 30, 2019

When you are on your first time visiting Yogyakarta, you’ll definitely be amazed by the social contrast and greatness of the landmarks and beautiful scenery both in the village and in the city. Yogyakarta or Jogja, as it is usually called by locals is a wonderful tourist destination in Java Island, Indonesia, that has almost everything a traveller would searching for.

Everything can be found in Yogyakarta, from art, culture, history, to adventurous natural spots and well-maintained local traditions. No wonder if Jogja known as a welcoming place for everyone, but beware because you might get ‘trapped’ in Jogja’s rich local culture and tradition, then wish you’d never leave.  Before we explore more about Jogja, stay here to read 5 must-experience for your first trip in Yogyakarta, and get all set to experience your vacation of a lifetime!

1. Explore Scenic Cave Adventures

Your first must-experienced thing to do in Yogyakarta is exploring scenic cave adventures. Over 600 caves recorded to be exist in Jogja. They will get you back to a time before indigenous people settled in Java island. In the past, these caves had a function as hiding spots when wars happened. Now, these caves has turn into a recreation destinations for adventures.

jomblang cave yogyakarta

Some of the famous cave in Yogyakarta are:

• Jomblang Cave where you can explore the largest underground cave in the middle of a forest

• Langse Cave where you can challenge yourself with high adrenaline tracks

• Goa Cerme where you can also enjoy tracking through stalactites, water, to an adventures of a mysterious cave

• Goa Kalisuci, a place where you can explore an underground cave tubing adventure.

2. Take Time to Walk Around Jalan Malioboro

Jalan Malioboro is the icon of Yogyakarta City which never sleep and always on for 24 hours. This busiest street stretches along about 2 km and has many of eateries, street arts, locals streetfoods, and shops. You will find vendors who sells all kinds of traditional items like batik cloth, footwear, tshirt, jewelry, accessories, etc. If you’re looking for a souvenirs with an affordable price but still hold a precious memento, then this is the right place to go.

tanda jalan malioboro yogyakarta

3. Try Some Best Local Street Food

Exploring Yogyakarta would never complete without trying their local streetfood. Don’t miss out these representative dishes, which surely will made you amazed by their unique taste and spoiled your tongue with a selection of ingredients!

gudeg yogyakarta

• Pecel Solo, a restaurant which served an authentic Indonesian cuisine

• Gudeg Pawon, the best way to enjoy a local dish, fresh from the kitchen

• Waroeng Kopi Klotok, do not miss this place because this is one of the best of authentic local cuisine in Yogyakarta

• Mie Ayam Bu Tumini, for those who like delicious chicken noodles in sweet gravy.

4. Walk Blindfolded Between the Banyan Trees

Alun-alun means town square in Indonesian language. Around here, in the city’s northern alun-alun, there is twin pair of banyan trees. The legend told that if someone can walk between the twin trees with their eyes blindfolded, then they would be blessed with prosperity and good luck.

alun alun bringin kembar

Otherwise, if someone fail, then they have an impure heart. Unfortunately, if they peek or cheat, they will be haunted by ghosts for the rest of the days. Such a horrible myth, isn’t it?

5.Watch the Ramayana Ballet

If you prefer to catch a culture in Yogyakarta, it is recommended for you to see a cultural performance in Yogyakarta called Ramayana Ballet. This is a performance adapted from India’s legend which is the Ramayana saga.

ramayana ballet yogyakarta

Generally, this cultural performance is held in a few of place in Yogyakarta, but the famous ones are held in Purawisata and Prambanan Temple.

Although this is your first trip in Yogyakarta, if you do all 5of the tips above, your trip will be unforgettable of a lifetime.

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