5 Tips for Bali First Timers as a Tourist

April 30, 2019

Have a holiday to another city would certainly be nice and can recharge your mind. You will definitely imagine the city that you will visit continuously. Even if that place is visited for the the first time, such as Bali.

As a local tourist who visited Bali for the first time, you should find out various information you need to know before you come to Bali. You can browse in the internet or ask your friends who have been there before. Below are some tips that you may need as those who come for the first time as tourists.

Tips for the first-timers on Bali holiday as tourists

There are many things that can be prepared before visiting another city, especially for those having holiday. Even though there are many people have already visited it, both local and foreign tourists, there are some people who become the first-timers to visit Bali.

Some useful tips can be very helpful for the beginner who plan to visit Bali as a tourist. Here is the complete information.

1. Decide the time and prepare the budget

Decide how long you will spend your holiday and when is the right time to visit. It's a good idea to go on a normal day or at least on a long weekend. As much as possible avoid the long holiday and the big national days. This is useful for you to enjoy the meaning of a real holiday without the crowded of visitors.

In addition, don’t coming to Bali when it is Nyepi or Galungan day. As you know, all activities in Bali will put on hold at Nyepi. You will not be able to go anywhere on that day. In Galungan, many shops will be closed due to the celebration in that big day.

Besides that, prepare your budget that you will spend during your visit to Bali. Adjust it to match the time you will spend there. Separate some additional funds. It will be useful any time for other sudden needs while in Bali later.

2. Choose your accommodation

You don’t need to stay in an expensive lodging if the cheap one also provide similar facilities and comfort for you. Try to look for lodging which is not far from tourism sites and close to street-food shops and restaurant. It will save your time and minimize your expense.

If you go together with your family or friends, you can save money by renting a car to reach the tourist spots. But if you are two or three, you should find the cheaper one, for example rent a motorcycle.

3. Choose a tourist destination spot

It's time for you to decide your destination. Make a list and specify the route you will go through. Don't forget to enter some of Bali's iconic mandatory destinations, such as Tanah Lot, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, etc. Don’t fortget to add the art market in your list to shop for souvenirs.

4. Find out what you should bring

You have to prepare what things you have to bring during your visit to Bali. Try to find out what you should wear and pack before start your journey to Bali. Do not carry items that are not much needed when you are in Bali.

5. Find out do's and don'ts

One city is different from the others. Each one must have things you may do or do not, as well as Bali. There are things that are considered sacred that must not be done in Bali, such as you do not allowed to step on the offerings.

Holiday to Bali is very fun for anyone who enjoyed it. Prepare your holiday carefully and gather as much as information as possible, so you won’t regret about it later on.

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