5 Tips for Foreigners When Visiting Jalan Malioboro at Yogyakarta

April 30, 2019

Jalan Malioboro is one of the busiest streets of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. One kilometer stretch near it, there are old colonial architectures, modern buildings, also some of numerous hotels surrounding around it.

One thing that is unique about this place is this street open for 24 hours. In other words, the street never sleep, only gets bore at 11.30 P.M. Beside famous for its street food hawkers, this street also have some malls, restaurants, junk jewellery and trinkets, shops selling clothes, and of course, street art and installations.

If you are foreigners who visit Jalan Malioboro for the first time, there are 5 tips to help you more comfortable in your trip.

1. Find A Place to Exchange Your Currency

Because Indonesian currency is Rupiah (IDR) and your money in another currency, you need to change it first into Rupiah. In Yogyakarta, one of the best place to change your currency is Mulia Money Changer. It is located near the Yogyakarta’s train station.

If you prefer to not bring a lot of cash in your original currency, another alternative is you can withdraw money from ATM machines. Somepeople might also suggest that the exchange rates from ATM machines are better than money changer. If you choose to use this alternative, make sure to tell your bank that you want to use it overseas, so you will not have any problems such as some ATM cards only work on some machines but not others.

2. Walk Around the Street

The best way to enjoy this busiest street is by foot. The Malioboro shopping district is started from the north point in Stasiun Tugu and end at Nol Kilometer (Zero Kilometers) in southern-end of a junction.

Do you want more experiences in Jalan Malioboro? Then why don’t you try to explore Jogja by communicating with locals? Try to walk around the cultural districts to find stories from the locals directly, the history behind the ancient buildings, and the wisdom behind the local cultures.

Don’t forget to see the fancy street art. This street art is scattered along the street. You just need to explore deeper to find them because most of them were found in the hidden places around Jalan Malioboro.

3. Eat Gudeg and Buy Batik around Malioboro

As we know, gudeg is one of the dish that represent Yogyakarta. It was Yogyakarta’s special dish made from raw jackfruit that boiled with coconut milk for several hours. It also added with many ingredients such as galangal, garlic, teak leaves, and palm sugar.

Generally, gudeg be served along the rice with several side dishes such as egg, chicken, soya cake, and beef skin. You can have this special dish with a very affordable price between IDR 15,000-50,000 per plate, depending on your choosen sides.

After your stomach is full, it is time to buy some Javanese clothes known as Batik. Batik is a traditional-colored clothing that is a mainstay of Javanese culture. Normally, this Javanese cloth has a higher price than other types of cloth. However, if you buy Batik in Jalan Malioboro, you can get it with cheaper price than another place.

4. Learn When is the Best Time to Explore

Knowing the best time to explore is an important thing but often forgotten when traveling. If you want to see the vendors in action at Jalan Malioboro, it would be better to come at early morning around 7 A.M. If you want to shopping and having lunch, the best time to go there are around 10.30 A.M. until noon.

Do you want to visit Jalan Malioboro for dinner and chill out on the beaches? Go there around 5.30 P.M untill 9.30 P. M. Overmore, if you don’t expect to get dinner or you have nothing else to do, you can visit around late night.

5. Explore Historical Building Around Malioboro

Yogyakarta is one of the most important city in Indonesia’s history, so don’t be surprised if there are many of the structures around Jalan Malioboro that reflect the history. Starting from Gedung Agung House, Fort Vredeburg, to European-style coffee shops.

The house of Gedung Agung was function as the residence of President Sukarno. Now, the government uses it as a place to hold official ceremonies. Fort Vredeburg is a fortress that was founded in 1790 by the Dutch military. Now, this fort turn into a museum that recorded the country's independence movement. You can also stop by at a cozy European-style coffee which serves high quality of coffee after the busy day walking along Jalan Malioboro.

That was the 5 tips you can do as a foreigner tourist on your first time visiting Jalan Malioboro. Just be sure you try all 5 tips above so that your trip is more enjoyable. Happy holiday!

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