5 Yogyakarta’s Beaches and Mountains that are Better than Bali’s

July 30, 2019

Based on the condition of the area, Yogyakarta trip is divided into two main trip, village trips and city trips.

If you prefer to explore street arts, cultures, and local street foods, you can choose several trips to the city of Yogyakarta such as Jalan Malioboro, Taman Sari Tourism Village, Keraton Yogyakarta, Beringharjo Market, Alun-alun Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Monument, and many more.

However, if you are an adventurous who really love to explore nature, then Gunungkidul district will be the best answer. This district is covered with amazing beaches and beautiful scenery from hills or mountains that are actually better than Bali’s. According to locals’ information, these five list are mountain and beaches that actually better than Bali’s.

1.    Jungwok Beach

The South beach of Yogyakarta Island always has its own attraction to explore because each beach has a different character that will surely satisfy your curiosity. The first beach that more beautiful than Bali’s in Yogyakarta is Jungwok Beach.

jungwok beach yogyakarta

Located in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, this beach has a view of clear sea water and amazing coral which make everyone who come here seems to be hypnotized and feel comfortable spending all the day there.

Unfortunately, there is a ban to swim on Jungwok Beach because this beach is choppy with its coral surface. If you want to visit this beach, the best time is when the sun rises in the morning.

2.    Wediombo Beach

Located in Jepitu Village, Girisubo District, Gunungkidul, Wediombo beach is a bay with white sand with a gentle slope that can be seen from the hill.

wediombo beach yogyakarta

Besides able to enjoy a very beautiful sunset, visitors who like fishing can also fish here because of many Panjo fish can be found around the beach. Usually local people will use gawar, a tool for fishing made from wawar trees, to catch this fish.

3.    Siung Beach

Siung beach lies between mountains which located in Wates Hamlet, Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency, which have a specific cliff. This beach is perfect for you who like challenges because you can climb the rock here. No wonder that local people call this place as a haven for climbers because they have more than 250 ways of climbing while enjoying a very beautiful and sparkling view of the sea water.

siung beach yogyakarta

One of the charms of this beach is it was untouched place which are rarely visited by outsiders. It is not too commercialized and most frequenly visitted by the locals. If you need a better place to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself, then this place is the best answer you are looking for.

4.    Kalibiru

Kalibiru is a mountain or hill that located at Menoreh Village. This mountains bordered the west of Yogyakarta which is a historic place where Prince Diponegoro and his army fought against the Dutch 200 years ago, before he was exiled to Sulawesi and died there. It took decades to restore its beauty, but this effort was not in vain because now, Kalibiru is known as its eco-tourism village.

kalibiru yogyakarta

The best time to visit it is at the afternoon until the sunset. Besides enjoy the atmosphere of the beach which is more melancholy in the afternoon, you also able see the beautiful scenery of Menoreh mountains, climb the hanging stairs provided, see the lake from afar, or just sit on wooden boards installed around the beach area.

5.    Pengilon Hill

Do you want to visit one of the cheapest tourist destinations with spectacular views in Yogyakarta? Pengilon Hill is the answer. Indeed, the hill has a beauty that believed to be better than Bali’s. Pengilon Hill has a very natural scenery and not less-known by the tourists. However, lately the name has become more popular because many photos are found in various social timelines.

pengilon hill yogyakarta

Do you believed that Yogyakarta has everything you want? It would be better to visit Yogyakarta first before you go to Bali. You can try to visit 5 amazing beaches and mountains mentioned above first. Go ahead, be ready for your first adventure!

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