Pros & Cons of Travelling with Travel Agent vs Solo Travel to Indonesia

July 30, 2019

Indonesia is one of the countries visited by millions of tourists and travelers. Many new and exciting things you will find if you visit Indonesia. The country with 17,800 islands will spoil the traveler with exotic scenery.

Various cultures from each area are fascinating to explore. Hundreds of tribes and ethnic groups scattered in Indonesia, the variety of flora and fauna is the reason why you must visit this one country. Moreover, the genuine Indonesian people who are friendly to tourists will make you feel more at home and comfortable during your stay in Indonesia.

Before the holiday season arrives, you must have been decided a destination or vacation spot that you will visit. Indonesia is the best located to visit. Don't forget, and the travel budget must have also been included. Other considerations that you should think are to be solo travel or traveling with other friends using a travel agent?

Before you decide, please take a look at some of the pros and cons of travel agent versus traveling alone.

Pros and cons of travel agents


Time is essential for those of you who only have little time to travel. With a travel agent, you can save more time. So, your travel can be filled with exciting activities during the trip.

For ‘Cons’ of travel agents. Before you travel, you must first meet with a travel agent to adjust your wishes to the services offered by travel agents. Nevertheless, you find an agent who doesn't understand your travel needs. There is a possibility of dissatisfaction with the services provided.


By using a travel agent, you don’t need to spend more money. Ordinarily, travel agents get commissions from your travel package orders, commissions from hotels and flights. Regarding prices, don't be afraid to negotiate to get the lowest price with maximum service.

For ‘Cons’ of a travel agent. Sometimes there are travel agents who wear regular consultation travel plans. Most Travel Agents will not give you a discount flight instead often charge additional fees for booking the flight you want.

If you have a limited budget, you should make your flight order online. If you request additional facilities, there are other costs. One recommends travel agent that you should try is Hanindo Tours with the best price.

Unpleasant surprises

Travel agents can minimize nasty things that are often unexpected. Such as changes in flight hours, changes in travel routes, or inappropriate location selection. You can rely on travel agents in such situations because they have experience in anticipating these things.

For ‘Cons’ of a travel agent.  When you experience an unpleasant situation, and it is beyond the travel agent's working hours. The agent will not help you. Consequently, you have to find your solution. Travel agents sometimes have a different opinion with you about something. Accordingly, you may have difficulty adjusting it to your liking.

Safety traveling

With the help of a travel agent, you can provide safe travel. You can choose the insurance offered by the travel agent. Keep in mind, make an agreement regarding the costs that must be incurred at the beginning of the conversation.

Travel agents will explain what medical coverage can be covered by insurance as well as possible accidents that can occur during the trip, along with their anticipation. Hanindo Tours has many insurance options that you can choose.

For ‘Cons’ of a travel agent. Insurance options and various types of safety services offered by travel agents are likely to be more expensive. Accordingly, the agent is a third person,  so you have to spend additional commissions.

Pros and cons of solo travel


The main reason someone travels alone because they are more able to spend their own time. By going alone, you can have time to reflect on yourself, interpret everything you have been through in your life.

Besides that, you can work on things that you like during the trip. You can do whatever you want without having to worry about other people.  You can make a travel schedule that you set as you wish.

For ‘Cons’ of solo travel. The pleasure of traveling alone doesn’t last long. If you travel alone for a long time, you will reach a point of saturation and begin to experience difficulties.

The absence of other people to share experiences will make you feel sad.  Then you become jealous of people who travel with the people closest to them.


Notwithstanding all travel costs come from your pocket. You will get your satisfaction and happiness. This cause you don't need to follow the wishes of others and argue about many things. You are free to set your travel budget regardless of the opinions of others.

For ‘Cons’ of solo travel. The costs involved when traveling alone will likely be higher. This makes sense because you have to pay for your hotel room. Then, the price of a private tour will be higher if you become solo travel.

Moreover, traveling alone makes it more difficult for you. You must negotiate price issues, and you can likely be tricked when bidding.

Unpleasant Surprise

Nevertheless, traveling alone can be sure to find many problems and obstacles. Sometimes if the issue is resolved, you will get a new lesson and experience. Do not close the possibility that you can find new friends who help you at that time.

For ‘Cons’ of solo travel.  Predictably, you will most likely find unpleasant surprises when traveling alone. This happens because you do not understand the conditions in the place you are visiting.  Small and large obstacles often occur. And unfortunately, you have to handle it alone or ask for help from others.

Safety traveling

Several countries are safe to visit by solo travel, one of which is Indonesia. This because of local people are friendly and easy to help foreigners solo travel. So not entirely doing solo travel is not safe.

For ‘Cons’ of solo travel.  Traveling alone is not safe for most people because no one is looking after or accompanying. Likely, you will easily get lost unless you understand the language of the local people. It's easy to become a victim of fraud by others if you are not extra careful.

Well, from the discussion above, it looks that it is safer and more convenient when you use a travel agent than solo travel. The purpose of your journey is to find the pleasure of life, should not even look for problems that drain your energy and mind when traveling.

The review I described above regarding the pros and cons of travel agents versus solo travel. Hopefully helps you decide on your travel plans. If you are not sure to do solo travel, you should use a trusted travel agent service. One of which I have recommended is Hanindo Tours.