Things to do in Jogja that you can only do with Travel Agency

July 30, 2019

There are so many famous tourist destinations in Indonesia besides Bali, namely Yogyakarta, which is commonly called ‘Jogja.’ Not inferior to Bali, Jogja offers a beautiful view and unique places in every corner. Jogja peoples so friendly with local and foreign tourists, this will make you want to stay long in Jogja.

For you to have a more comfortable vacation in Jogja, you should use a travel agency. The benefit of using a travel agency is that you can save time. So you can visit more places and destinations during your vacation in Jogja. This article will review some fun activities that you can do while in Jogja.

Going to exotic beaches in Jogja

Beach in Jogja are very numerous, and most of all are beautiful and spoil your eyes. One of the most famous beaches in Gunung Kidul beach. To go to the beach, you only need to take an hour's drive from Jogja by driving.

A quite long journey will pay off when you arrive at the beach. At Gunung Kidul beach you can enjoy beautiful views. Also, if you are hungry, many restaurants around the beach are ready to spoil your tongue.

Commonly tourists use a travel agency to take them to Gunung Kidul beach. The travel agency that has quite several interested people, namely Hanindo Tours.

Hanindo Tours can give you the convenience of a holiday with the best planning. Besides that, it offers you a variety of travel package options, which can be adjusted to your budget.

Try distinctive culinary only in Jogja

It doesn't feel good when we visit a city and don't try the city's unique food. Well, for those of you who like culinary tourism don't need to worry, Jogja is famous for its various types of particular foods.

Gudeg is a typical Jogja meal that you must try. This food will be easily found in roadside food vendors. Not only gudeg, sate klatak, nasi brongkos, oseng mercon can also be an options menu.

With Hanindo Tours travel agency, you can have culinary tours in many places along the streets of Jogja.

Visiting one of the wonders of the world in Jogja

The wonder of the world in Jogja that you can visit is Borobudur temple. This one of tourist attraction is never empty of visitors. This temple is precisely located in the city of Magelang, about an hour's drive from the town of Jogja. In this place, you can capture good moments with family and friends with the background of Borobudur.

Another temple which is also the best in Jogja is the Prambanan temple or also known as the Roro Jonggrang temple. This temple is a world heritage site and located in the city of Sleman. Not satisfied with the two temples, you can also visit Mendut temple, Ijo temple, and Ratu Boko temple.

All the temples that I mentioned earlier can you visit if you use a travel agency. Especially Hanindo Tours, whose travel packages are complete.

Hang out at Malioboro

Who doesn't know the name of this street, "Malioboro." Malioboro is the most famous crowded place in Jogja, so you must come there. Along the Malioboro street, you can spend some money to buy Jogja souvenirs. Also, you can enjoy Jogja art performances by many street artists.

Around the Malioboro street, there are spots that you can stop by. Among them, there is zero kilometer Jogja, Jogja monument, beringharjo market, and north Jogja square.

Hanindo Tour travel agency ready to bring there when you visit Jogja.

If your vacation budget is limited, this place can be your choice. Walk and expense for cheap souvenirs.

Visiting the cultural center at the Keraton Yogyakarta

Well, for those of you who are interested in art and culture, you need to visit this one place, the Keraton Jogja.  Keraton Jogja is known as the place of residence of the sultan who is still doing the tradition of the Jogja sultanate.

There are many exciting things that you can watch when visiting Keraton Yogyakarta. On certain days you can watch the performances of gamelan arts and singing Sinden that very stunning.

Also, one part of the keratin building is a museum that holds historical evidence. Anyway, you're not going to get bored when visiting the Yogyakarta Palace.

In the Hanindo Tour travel agency travel package, the Keraton Jogja is one of the destinations that can be visited.

Take a photo on the Breksi cliff

The Breksi cliff is a former mine which was later transformed by residents into a tourist spot. The view from above the cliff is very enchanting, so many tourists hunt instragrammable photos there.

Jogja artists sculpt some parts of the cliff to be more attractive to tourists. Wayang and dragons carved became a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures.

Taking pictures with friends in this beautiful spot can be your choice of vacation visit while in Jogja. You can all enjoy the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon.

Spend the night on the ‘Bukit Bintang.’

Before going home, you should visit this place. Bukit Bintang is visited by many tourists to see the night view of Jogja from the height. Street lights and the city will look like sparkly stars at night.

Bukit Bintang has cold air at night because it is at a height. Besides presenting the scenery, you can also enjoy the facilities available. A restaurant that has a romantic and warm concept is open there. So don’t miss it.

Bukit Bintang is not far from the Gunung Kidul beach. So Hanindo Tour travel agency can take you to the Bukit Bintang after visiting Gunung Kidul beach.

Reviews of exciting activities at beautiful places just described above can be a reference for your vacation plan. I guarantee your holiday will not be able to compile in Jogja. So, make sure to complete your vacation with Hanindo Tour travel agency to facilitate your vacation in Jogja.