Top 11 Local Authentic Restaurants in Bali for Travelers

April 6, 2019

Bali is a well-known exotic paradise in Indonesia. It’s known for its amazing nature landscapes as well as its rich culture. If we were going to talk about this breathtaking tourist paradise, we shouldn’t forget that Bali is also known as a gastronomic paradise. Restaurants in Bali is famous for its local cuisine with international standards.

Bali is a famous destination for tourists, travelers, and adventurers from around the world for obvious reasons. Its beautiful and exotic beaches combined with rich centuries-old tradition surely makes a great combination that attracts people from different sides of the world.

The fact that this place can attract international travelers makes it an international food station as well. You can find the best European or Japanese fine dining right in the middle of this beautiful island. Even so, nothing can beat the pleasure of eating authentic local dishes while enjoying the magical view and culture. That’s why you have to try authentic dishes from the best restaurants in Bali.

Traditional Cuisine at International Restaurants in Bali

Bali is undeniably a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation and leisure time. It has both amazing-looking nature landscape and a rich heritage culture that can attract people from all around the world. As visitors come from all over the world, we can easily find well-known international restaurants in Bali as well.

Even so, nothing can beat the sensation of eating the most authentic dishes while you are able to from the best selection of restaurants in Bali. Balinese and Indonesian delicacies will surely offer you the dining experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Local restaurants in Bali have to compete alongside other international franchise restaurants. This implies that the locals have to maintain their qualities to be able to survive. This makes the International standard a requirement to be assured to satisfy visitors that may come from all around the world.

Top 11 Recommended Authentic Local Restaurant in Bali for Travelers

Balinese cuisine, as well as those from the rest of Indonesia’s archipelago, is known for their rich-tasting delicacies. The climate supports the cultivation of many varieties of spices which make these delicacies also rich in spices and seasonings. Below is a list of the 11 best local authentic restaurants in Bali that are recommended for travelers.

1. Raja’s Balinese Restaurant

As its name hints, this palace-like restaurant offers you a sensation to dine like the royals. The menus offered by this restaurant consists of some of Balinese’s classic cuisines with exquisite design of interiors. The restaurant is decorated with rich and well-carved Balinese crafts, decor, and traditional fabric.

The restaurant is located in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel which lets you choose to dine inside or outside, overlooking the resort’s pool. One of the most recommended dishes is Bebek Betutu, slow-cooked duck in a blend of local spices. This heritage Balinese delicacy is a must for any travelers to try.

2. Kedonganan Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Kedonganan fishing village, just a 5-minute drive to the northside of Jimbaran. This fishing village is also known as the main source of seafood for all restaurants in Bali.

Kedonganan has kilometers of coastal stretch lined with seafood restaurants, focusing on seafood dishes. All the restaurants usually offer some variety of menu based on the freshest catches each day. This restaurant opens at around 16:00 (4 pm), with the most recommended time to visit being right before the sun sets.

3. Merah Putih

This restaurant offers a more eclectic menu where the traditional Balinese dishes meets modern fusion. Merah Putih is a pioneer Indonesian’s fine dining restaurant in Seminyak’s beach resort area. Interiors of the restaurant is well-designed with an eco-friendly design on both levels. Along with the sustainable interiors, you can also find an indoor garden within it.

One of the most recommended dishes is Lawar Bebek; slices of fried duck, pumpkin salad, and green beans placed in a shared small plate. There is also a corner bar which provides you the freshest martini featuring tropical fruits.

4. Bebek Tepi Sawah

The name ‘Bebek Tepi Sawah’ literally means duck (dishes) right beside the rice paddies. This restaurant offers a selection of authentic Balinese delicacies and a beautiful rice field around it. Customers can enjoy their food in bamboo pavilions available in different sizes to accommodate different group sizes.

The restaurant, located in Peliatan, Ubud, also offers traditional Balinese gamelan and traditional dances to entertain the customers. This performance will guarantee a fine traditional dining experience to everyone who comes.

5. Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil, also known as Dirty Duck Diner, is one the best restaurants in the central of Ubud. Its specialty is the original crispy duck that has been around since 1990. Other dishes also recommended is the smoked duck and chicken and also a great selection of satay.

This restaurant offers you a view of the rice paddies outside while sitting and enjoying your food in breezy pavilions. It opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm, which gives you plenty of time to choose when to enjoy this restaurant.

6. Murni’s Warung

Murni’s Warung is another one of Ubud’s well-known restaurants in Bali which has served a lot of international visitor since the 70s. It offers traditional Balinese dishes, best-quality local coffee, and a roadside antique shop to enjoy. This restaurant is located very close to Campuhan Bridge which makes it easy to find.

This restaurant in Bali also offers a great selection of local dishes, from the iconic Bebek Betutu to traditional salad mix named Urap. It also offers a selection of fresh drinks, the most iconic of which is the young coconut juice. On its second level, there is a lounge bar available for those who prefer a cocktail with a view experience.

7. Pondok Tempo Doeloe

Unlike those previously mentioned, this restaurant is specialized to serve Sundanese cuisines. Sundanese dishes come from another part of Indonesia, in the West Java region. The menu is very diverse; from the tasteful signature grilled fish, the sweet-sour-sauced steamed tilapia, to steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf (pepes).

This restaurant is located in Kuta, more precisely on the southern end of Sunset Road. This place also offers a family-friendly yet affordable restaurant.

8. Bambu

Bambu is considered a newcomer restaurant in Bali that is located in Seminyak area. Here, you can enjoy traditional Indonesian dishes with a few twists that make them fresh. They offer great diversity in menu, such as sweet-sauced grilled satay to the Balinese traditional dessert.

The restaurant provides a pavilion and an upper level to help you enjoy the view of the waters and gardens. In this restaurant you can order many unique dishes from all around Indonesia like Sulawesi's crispy soft-shell crabs and Timore’s rich-spiced pork ribs.

9. Republik45

Another new restaurant in Bali located in Seminyak that focuses on serving creative Indonesian cuisine. This restaurant offers lots of eye-catching designs, one of it being its facade with a vertical garden and a subtly-lit dining hall inside.

This restaurant offers a great selection of dishes to choose from. You can try their iconic duck salad, Beef Rendang originating from Padang, the Balinese Klepon, or the restaurant’s special crispy duck.

10. Babi Guling Ibu Oka

This warung is a special restaurant in Bali which is well-known for its Balinese roasted pig (babi guling). The main restaurant is located right behind the Banjar community hall or across the Ubud’s Puri Saren palace. This place is usually very packed compare to its small-built restaurant.

As mentioned before, this restaurant focuses on one dish only, the roast pork (babi guling). The roasted pork is served with rice on a woven plate, alongside with Lawar and Urutan (vegetable and side dishes). Even though this place is not exactly fine-dining, the prices are quite expensive but not to worry, the dishes itself taste wonderful and is guaranteed to make you crave for more.

11. Gabah Restaurant & Bar

The last restaurant in Bali on the list offers you a rich dining experience, similar to those of the royal family of Bali. This restaurant provides all kind of Balinese delicacies from all around Bali. There are 22 dishes you can choose from, all of them is said to be the royal family’s dishes especially during harvest season.

The most notable dishes are the traditional Balinese soup, the grilled chicken, and fish satay. You can also enjoy some Balinese traditional live dances and wear the traditional Udeng to make you feel more royal.

This restaurant is located in the Badung area and opens at 6:30 pm. Gabah Restaurant & Bar also offers a premium package called Royal Kingdom Feast for those who are looking for a more gracious dining experience.

That is the list of 11 restaurants in Bali that offer you the most authentic local dishes. All of them will surely help you enjoy the your trip to Bali to the fullest!