Top 13 Spa & Salon in Bali You Will Fall in Love With

March 4, 2019

Having a trip or a holiday vacation is fun but it also can be tiresome. If you are currently in Bali or planning to go there in near future, please rest assure because we have a list of best Bali spa service that will help you relaxing.

The Bali spa usually offers a combination of local fragrant oils and traditional Balinese massage techniques. This package of best oils and techniques makes Bali one of the best place spa destination in the world. Unlike in other place, in Bali you will have your spa along with the great scene of Tropical Island.

Top 10 Luxurious Bali Spa Spot You’ll Definitely Love

If you are looking for a Bali spa that will give you the high quality service, you are in the right place. Below we listed the best luxurious salon and spa that will definitely touch your heart.

1. Riverside Spa at Maya

The first on this Bali spa list is Riverside Spa at Maya. This spot located in the highlands of Ubud and divided into 2 part of spa’s complexes. As its name hinted, this facility i built on the riverside which bring the visitors best view to help them relax.

Even before the visitor arrived, the visitors can enjoy their riverside walk on the way to the facility. They also provide special package, for example specials for romantic or honeymoon couples. This spa is offering both open-air setting but also assure the privacy of each visitor.

2. Royal Kirana Spa

The second Bali spa we have on the list is Royal Kirana Spa. This facility located in Ubud, right against the Ayung River Valley’s tranquil. It’s featured a garden with tons of flowers, a lot of open place, and footpath with cobblestones on the surface.

Here you can find a specialized treatment villas which offer you a private pools, both hot and cold jacuzzi, and even herbal saunas. You can also try the ultimate treatment called Royal Retreat, where you can get Balinese massage, facial, meals, and all the other facilities you can find at the villas.

3. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

The third on this list offer more than a spa, but also combination of spa and yoga. This facility offers you a unique selection of spa and beauty rituals to help you relax and maintain your wellness. Alongside with the rituals, you can also enjoy the beautiful and peaceful settings provided by Fivelements.

One of the recommended treatment by this Bali spa facility is Boreh. It’s a traditional Balinese body scrub which using the local herbs and ingredients. Another recomendation is their 2 hours of chocolate treatments.

4. Lembah Spa

Next we have Lembah Spa, a gorgeous-looking Bali spa facility located in northern side of Ubud’s Petanu river valley. This facility offers you many selection of short treatment to the long 2.5 hours treatment. This facility also accommodate treatment for couple as well as feminine and masculine treatments.

Alongside with massage service, they also provide a place to relax. Here you can find steam baths, pool, and even Jacuzzis. They also offers a package where you can enjoy your food while doing all the treatments.

5. Thermes Marins & Spa On the Rocks

This Spa facility is located in a well-known Jimbaran’s Ayana Resort, which offers you a complete selection of spa treatment. They also known for their thalassotherapy center, where the largest seawater aqua-tonic pool as well as the jest and comfort nooks exist.

This place is known for its luxury and expensive treatments, but all the facilities and treatment do justice to their price. In addition, this facility sets in a stunning top of the rock at the base of limestone cliff.

6. Karma Spa

Karma Spa is a premium spa facility located in Ungasan, Southern side of Bukit Peninsula. This facility features a spa ‘hut’ where you can enjoy all the treatments while looking at Indian Ocean. It’s placed in a high cliff with open-air platforms, saltwater pools, and a sauna.

In Karma Spa you can get the premium Traditional Balinese Spa, which include infrared detox, Javanese floral scrub, and steams. You can also get into one of their tent facility right in the Karma Beach to get another special massage.

7. Soori Spa

Soori Spa is one of the most relaxing facility in the whole island. It designed with subtle lit interior combined with dark sunstone and dark-colored tiles which bring you the sense of ease and peace. This facility offers a unique mix of Asian and Western treatments and therapies with special line of natural active which owned privately by the Soori Spa.

The treatments provides are also come in a range of choice. There is special treatment for pregnant lady, kids, and treatments for nurturing, relaxing or deep-tissue massage. They also offer the traditional Balinese Lulur scrub as well as brithening and softening masks.

8. Prana Spa

Prana Spa is special spa facility located in Seminyak resort area. It’s known for the striking design that influenced by Middle East and India’s culture. It offers you a sweet and peaceful escape from the hectic and crowded Seminyak.

One of its well-known treatment is Simple Bliss, where you can get a complete head-to-toe treatment in 2 hours straight. It also comes with a lot of selection treatment for your hair and scalp, face, even to foot relaxation.

9. The Spa at the Bulgari Resort Bali

This Bali spa facility situated on the top of a cliff. It offered luxurious treatment that performed by the top-skilled therapists. It offers a massage using unique nature combinations, such as exotic herbs and oils, black volcano stones, and even a combination of  Balinese, Asian, and European techniques.

You can be pampered by the massage while overlooking the beauty of the ocean. The private pavilions provides an outdoor space, plunge pool, and whirlpool. They also have some special packages for couples that want a romantic escapades.

10. Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane

Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane is a spa facility which is a feature of Kupu Kupu Barong Villas in Ubud area. It consist six rooms that exclusively provided to give the best spa. The rooms designed uniquely with bamboo house style full furnished with luxurious furniture and treatments’ accessories.

It offers a great valley and forest overlook that surrounds the facility, as its name hinted, they also provided some Mango trees’ canopies which makes them the only Nest Bali spa ever existed. One of the recommended treatment is the Swedish massage with combination of Balinese stroke and Chinese acupressure which performed using the original mango oils.

Some Bali Spa Spot for You with Smaller Budget

Above we have a list of the best luxury Bali spa and salon facilities. It’s always such an amazing experience to get the most premium selection of treatments provided by the best spa in the island. Even so, not everyone can afford to have a treatment in those facilities due to budget limitation.

If you are one of those people, below we added some to the list of Bali spa facilities you will definitely love (with more affordable prices).

11. Beji Ayu Spa Ubud

This facility located in Beji, a very strategic spot which over you not only good massage but also good views. Beji Ayu Spa is not only focus on physical treatments but also an experience of nature’s energy, spirituality, and chakra.

The facility completed by a lot of traditional Balinese sculptures as well as a zen garden, which make it hard to not relax in there. Right after you massage ends, you will also treated  to eat banana fritters and a cup of tea.

12. Sicilia Spa

Another affordable Bali spa facility which offers you a great escapism from noise and crowd. This spa facility has their own mini waterfall right in the center of their garden. This offers you a relaxing water-flowing sound effect while enjoying your selected treatment.

Get ready to be pempered with a complete head-to-toe selection of treatments. There are also a great selection of oils that you can choose as well as a private bathroom that you can use as you want. This Bali spa facility is also located very close to Double Six Beach, which give you a chance to enjoy the beach and lot of restaurant selections after your treatment.

13. Ease Spa

This facility can be considered as a hidden gem which provide you with royal tratment with a very affordable price. It is located on the Sunset Road which make you can actually find it easily.

It’s not luxurious but all the interiors and treatment areas are very well-maintained which makes you no less relaxed compare to more expensive facilities. Get ready to feel the royal-standard of treatment, whether it’s facial treatment, foot tratment, or even full-body treatment.

So, above we have compile 13 best Bali spa facilities you can find in in this exotic island. Whether you looking for a luxurious treatment or a budget ones, Bali still can make sure you get the best treatment by the best therapists.