What to Expect When Visiting Mount Merapi 2019?

May 19, 2019

Located near the center of the island of Java, Indonesia, this volcano located 32 km north of Yogyakarta and bordering with Semarang in the south. Merapi has an altitude of 2,911 meters above sea level with steep slopes and thick vegetation below.

Because it is an active volcano, the best way to visit it is by riding a jeep. What can you expect from visiting Mount Merapi with Merapi Lava Tour? These are 5 things that you can only meet when visiting this mountain.

1. Seeing a Very Beautiful Sunrise by Jeep

The best time to visit Mount Merapi is in the morning where you can see the beauty of the sunrise. You can also enjoy underground cave adventures. The view of the sun on the most active volcano is certainly the best attraction. After being satisfied with the beautiful sun, you can continue the journey down to the Jomblang Cave to see the other side of the natural landscape of Java Island.

2. Experience  Riding Jeep in Mountainous Areas that Rush Your Adrenaline

The consequence of the 2010 eruption was the destruction of the area around the mountain which killed 300 people. When visiting Merapi, you can see lava-covered roads when going down the mountain or crossing the valley in a jeep.

The trip is certainly not easy, there are times when you are splashed by mud because the driver speed through the mud or the lava fields. It was really an adrenaline rush experience, isn't it?

3. Exploring Underground Bunkers

bunker merapi mount yogyakarta

An underground bunker is an old bunker where two volunteers are trapped then died there. Actually, this bunker is located 3 meters below the ground and is covered with 25 cm thick iron. Unfortunately, volcanic lava with a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius has buried this bunker during the great 2010 eruption.

4. Enjoy the Giant Face Stone

Another attraction thing you can do on Mount Merapi is find a large stone with a human face. Yes, as the name suggests, this big rock is quite unique because it has a shape that resembles a human face. Uniquely, if you see a stone from a different side, you will also be able to find another face. Don't hesitate to ask a question because your travel guide will be happy to tell you more about the history of this unique stone.

face stone merapi yogyakarta

5. Visiting Museum Sisa Hartaku

You can also visit a museum called the Museum Sisa Hartaku. This museum is actually a small museum, the creation of local residents which show the effect of the eruption of Mount Merapi from back in 2010.

When you enter the museum, you will realize that it was a house which left as it was when hot ash clouds reached the village and destroyed everything in there. There is also a clock that melts and gets stuck just in the event of an eruption, the walls are charred, bicycles, televisions, motorbikes, and various melting equipment are strong memories of the 2010 Merapi volcanic eruption.

Actually, there is no time limit for you to visit this place. If you like the cool fresh air, you can choose the time to visit, whether in the morning or evening. Touring at dawn will make you able to enjoy a very beautiful scenery of sunrise, of course if the weather is friendly. Or, you can also have anight trip that will provide an interesting experiences that you can't forget for a lifetime.

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