What to Wear and Pack for Your 2019 Bali Holiday

April 30, 2019

As the most famous destination in Indonesia, Bali always bring people to spend their time and enjoying their holiday. You definitely need to recharge your focus and refresh your mind from work or daily activities. People, who get used to travel or holiday in Bali, must be known already what they should prepare to wear and pack. Then how about those who haven’t visit Bali yet?

You don’t have to worry if this is your first time visiting Bali and never get there before. There are some things listed below that you should wear and pack if you want to enjoy your holiday in Bali this year.

Things You Should Wear and Pack

You must be confused to decide what you should prepare before you enjoy your holiday. You may want to bring all of the things, but only some of them you actually have to bring due to the imitation of your luggage.

There are some must things to bring and also you should wear and pack before you go to your Bali Holiday.

1. Mini Travel bag

This is the very important thing you should bring when you visit Bali for the first time. It can help you to keep your wallet (money, identity card, or passport), hand phone, power bank, and other important things in one pack. It will make it easier to bring and keep it everywhere you go.

2. Sunblock

Kuta, Nusa Penida, and another beaches in Bali, will be the must-visit places to visit in Bali. Beach and the sun are two related things. That’s why you have to apply sunblock to enjoy the beach view. Make sure your sunblock is waterproof and try to constantly apply it before you go out in day.

3. Sunglasses and hat

Along with with the sunblock, you need to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight. You have to bring and wear this everytime sun is shining brightly in Bali. Another option is to take a hat to cover up your head from the sun. It’s definitely not funny if you get a headache because of the sunlight. Those two option can be useful as your shield whenever you catch your Bali holiday moment under the bright sun.

4. Medicine

Sometimes people forget to take some medicines when they went on vacation, while actually it is the most important thing you should bring and pack before you have your holiday. It is even more important if you have a certain disease like asthma or another chronic disease. You will not know when some virus come to your body. So, it’s better to have a first aid to help in case the illness break your holiday plan.

5. Beach clothes and swimwear

Along with some of your casual clothes, you must pack some beach clothes and swimwear in your luggage, particularly if you have planned to visit the beaches. It is useless if you forget bring these with you together.

6. Sandals

It’s better for you to wear sandals everywhere in Bali. You should take a different air there and enjoy your tourist experience to the fullest. But if you usually use sneakers everywhere, it is okay too, as long as it is comfort with you.

7. Hiking Shoe

If you have a plan to hike one or more mountain in Bali, you must bring hiking shoe with you. This is a must-wear only for those who have plan to hike. It will definitely made you easier to enjoy tracking in a mountains or another kind of tracking place in Bali.

So, have you decide to take your time and enjoy your Bali Holiday in 2019? If you have decided it, let’s prepare things to bring as soon as possible and don’t forget to make a list so you won’t miss any of them.

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